At Boniello Development, we are huge advocates of technologies that reduce greenhouse gases to lessen our environmental impact, so we've partnered with GEO-US System to bring you a complete home-system that eliminates your environmental footprint as well as your Utility Bills. You will save hundreds a month your very first month of occupancy and hundreds-of-thousands over the lifetime of your home. By working with Boniello Development in Westchester, you have the opportunity to choose geothermal heating and cooling as apart of your custom home design.




If you want to learn more about Geothermal, watch the video below!



Add some sunshine & Go Netzero

Become immune to increasing Utility Costs by supplementing your Geothermal System with Solar Energy. With no money down and a fixed payment of ~$200, you will save ~$300/m in electricity. Also, after 15 years, your Solar Panels will be paid off! So you spend less the very first day and easily save over $100,000 over the length of you mortgage.



Yearly Energy Cost


Save $600,000 Over The length of your mortgage



Cost: $30,000
Mortgage: $156
Monthly Utility Bill (Avg): $846
Total Yearly Cost: $12,024

30 Year Cost: $730,647

*Propane cost is expected to rise 5% a year and will cost exponentially more over time.


Cost: $70,000
Mortgage: $355
Monthly Utility Bill (Avg): $280
Total Yearly Cost: $7,620

30 Year Cost: $258,862

*30% ($21,000) Federal Tax Credit back the first year! Electricity cost expected to rise 2-3% a year.


Geothermal & Solar

Cost: $120,000
Mortgage: (Year 0-15): $567
(Year 15-30): $355
Monthly Utility Bill (Fixed): $0
Total Yearly Cost: (Year 0-15): $6,804
(Year 15-30): $4,260

30 Year Cost: $125,960

*30% ($40,000) FederalState & NYSERDA Tax Credits back the first year! All costs disappear once mortgage is paid!!!



*All Geothermal Utility Information is based on data from homes built by Boniello Development. Historical and projected utility costs were based on information provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. For additional Information or raw data, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!


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