Electrical, Alarm, Tv & Telephone | To make sure your home has electrical outlets, lights, light switches, cable lines and ethernet ports where you would like, a meeting needs to be scheduled with our electrician. Let us know when you would like the meeting, and we will coordinate with our electrician so we can walk through the home together and make sure everything is laid out just the the way you want.


Interior Paint

Interior Paint | Our standard colors are the Benjamin Moore Gentle White Collection, and you can choose up to 4 colors to be used throughout the house. Feel free to browse the collection before scheduling a meeting with Frank Gabriel from Roll-On Contracting at 914.760.4101.


Trim & Interior Doors


Door & Trim Style | You have a choice of our Traditional Windsor Trim and 6-Panel Door or our Craftsman Trim and Windslow Door.

Crown Molding Room Selection | Standard in 2 Rooms, crown moulding is a nice touch to emphasize a room's design.

Wainscoting Room Selection | We provide wainscoting in one room as standard. Please choose which room you would prefer for this beautiful classic trim package

Trim & Door Paint Color | Our trim comes standard in "Bright White." This usually provides nice contrast with the wall colors.

Door Knob Style & Interior Door Hardware Finish | Select the finish of the hinges & Doorknobs. Our beautiful standard knobs compliment any home. If you want to explore other options, view Schlage's website here.




Tile | Choosing tile is an exciting part of building your home, and we have chosen to use Carminart to make the process as easy and fun as possible. We require that you set up an appointment and only deal with Carmine Solimine as he is the most familiar with our building process. 914-592-6330.




Closets | We supply a functional closet organization package for each closet which spans the entire length with a closet pole and shelf. We will send you our proposed closet design. Only once you've received and reviewed our plan, and you decide you would like to custom design a closet to better suit your needs, contact Liberty Closets at 203.778.0222.


Shower Doors

Master Shower Door | Clean and modern, the frameless glass door design with clear glass and chrome trim is our standard. Glass framing will vary depending on your bathroom design.

Other Bathroom Shower Door | The semi-frameless glass door shown here with clear glass and chrome trim is our standard.


Garage Doors

Garage Doors | Our standard garage door is a the GD1SU 9x7 Clopay Steel Door from the Gallery Collection. Given the beautiful appearance of a traditional coachman door, it also has the benefits of 21st century insulation and durability. We have selected two styles to choose from, but if you had something else in mind, you can custom design one here.



Countertops | The crown of your kitchen, the countertops, will sculpt the character and feel of your kitchen. Once at this point in the building process, we will have you reach out to William Kolhauser from United Marble & Granite. 914.879.6776. He will guide you as to which showrooms are most convenient as well as which will have the selection to best suite your taste.

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