Foundation Height | Choose how tall your basement ceiling height will be. 9' is included as standard and is more than sufficient for most, but if you want more ceiling clearance and more room to hide mechanical and utility equipment, then you would want to go with a 10' height.

Walkout Basement | Determined by the layout of your lot, this is usually utilized when someone is planning to finish their basement, this option gives a lot of versatility to your basement by providing access directly to your yard.

Location Of Basement Windows | Determined by your lot and house plan.


HVAC TYPE / Tank Location



Generator Size | Enjoy uninterrupted electrical service even in the worst of storms.  The 22kW generators can power your entire home, and will turn on automatically in the case of a power outage. A larger 48kW Generator will be required if you have Geothermal HVAC. (Est. ~$22-30k)




Fixtures | We have hand selected a collection of Kohler fixtures to ensure both quality and beauty. While many choose to go with our recommendation, we have the ability to customize virtually anything.

View The Boniello Development Plumbing Collection

To customize any aspect of the plumbing, a meeting must be scheduled with Colleen Brannigan at Best Plumbing



Plumbing Finish (Standard Fixtures Only) | Choose which finish you prefer.


Kitchen Sink Selection | We offer a robust 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink in multiple Configurations. View All Stainless Steel Sinks Here.


Cooktop Heat Source | Do you prefer gas or electric for your cooktop? Both are offered as standard.

Hose Bibs & Locations | Think about the location of your two standard hose spigots. Try to make them convenient, but still somewhat hidden. Typically you will want one near your driveway, as well as one that is convenient for use in your back yard.



Floors | You have the option to choose 2 1/2" Oak Wood Floors or Tile in certain rooms. This is personal preference, but some people find that tile can be slightly more durable in heavily trafficked areas such as mudrooms and kitchens, but we have found that hardwood floors hold up very well. You will choose the actual tile or wood stain/finish later in this process.



Shingles | In our homes, we use Timberline Natural Shadow Roof Shingles that have a lifetime warranty. They are not only incredibly important for the waterproofing of the home, but they also contribute greatly to the overall look of the home.



Window Sash Color | You have the ability to choose both the interior and exterior colors of your windows, which can add a nice contrast to any color pallet. 





Boasting  beauty, power and reliability, our top-of-the-line collection of kitchen appliances will satisfy even the most demanding chefs. Ample proportions create a look to compliment your new home. If you would like to change any aspect of our standard, you must call Tom Garrett from Atlantic Appliance, and he will make sure to guide you in the direction of what you're looking for. 914.962.2500



Custom Cabinets | Your cabinets are custom made by the best in the business. Not only are they durable, but they are stunningly beautiful. You will work with Jamie Carlucci at Kingswood Kitchen in Danbury, CT, and she will guide you through the creation of your kitchen and bathroom vanity cabinets. You will need to schedule a meeting and go to one of their showrooms. Bring This Worksheet with you to keep you organized.



Stairs & Railing

Bottom Step & Newel Posts | Square is typically seen as more modern/transitional while volute will provide a classic colonial look.

Newel Post Finish | You can select between painted or stained newels. They are both great choices and will achieve different looks.

Balusters | Check out our virtual stair designer here. Note* we recommend learning the interface with a Boniello Development Team member first.

Baluster Finish | Wood balusters are usually white or sometimes stained. Wrought Iron Balusters come in a variety of colors.

Handrail | The finishing touch of your staircase, the handrail should be comfortable, but also fit the aesthetic of the stair. A more traditional stair should have a more ornate handrail, while more modern stairs tend to have more simple handrail profiles.


Siding & Shutters

Material | This greatly contributes to the overall look of your home. With a choice of Hardiplank, Shakes, Stucco, Stone or Brick, you can create a timeless and beautiful home while still adding your own character.


Stove Vent

Stove Vent Diameter | We provide an 8" diameter stove vent which is ideal for most applications.


Exterior Doors

Exterior Door Hardware Finish | Select the color of the exterior door hinges and knobs.



Exterior Chimney Material (If Applicable) | We provide brick as standard, both timeless and beautiful. There are other options for a chimney, and you can determine what looks best on your home.

Hearth Height | The hearth height is a subjective decision. You can use a raised hearth as a seat, or if you prefer a lower profile hearth, we can recess it into the floor.

Firebox Width | We provide a 36" firebox, which has a grand look, no matter what type or size room you have.

Firebox Height | Depending on the design you're looking for, the firebox can be placed at different heights.

Mantel Material | We offer a stone or wood mantel as standard with our fireplaces.

Wood Mantel Finish | A great accent to any fireplace, the wood mantels we offer can be Stained or painted.

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