MyTownhouse Guide

We want to make sure the building and purchase process is a pleasurable and hassle free experience for you. Therefore, we have developed our MyTownhouse Guide to outline our standards and the remaining steps for the delivery of your new Townhome!

Step 1 | Preliminary Design

First, we will review our Custom Home Specifications to see what we include as standard with our new construction. Then we work with you, one-on-one with our in-house architect, to figure out what you want in your dream-home. We will create a custom plan, and with your continued input, we will adjust it until you are completely satisfied.

Step 2 | Review & Order

To purchase a new home with Boniello Development, we require a $7500 Non-Refundable Deposit. This is for the engineering and architecture needed to complete a set of plans and get all necessary approvals and permits. We must also complete a Memorandum Of Sale, which is essentially like a receipt.

Step 3 | Material Selection Form

Selection #1 Guide | Click Here for a guided walkthrough of Selection #1 of your Material Selection Form

Selection #2 GuideClick Here for a guided walkthrough of Selection #2 of your Material Selection Form

Being a custom home, you have an opportunity to select numerous items in the building process. This form is important to keep the building of your home on schedule. Please Click Here to download our Material Selection Form, which you will use along with the corresponding guides.

Step 4 | Pre-Delivery Walkthrough

A new home is the result of lots of different teams and people working together. As a result there may be a few things that need a touch-up, so we will create a Punch List of anything that needs to be addressed, and make sure to take care of them. We will also take time to review any maintenance tasks that are required of a homeowner using our Walk-Through Checklist. Also, if you have any additional

Step 5 | utilities

Before you move-in, you will need to set up utilities like electric, cable... etc. We have compiled a list of contact numbers for any utility service you should need. Click Here for utility suppliers.

Step 6 | Closing

Once the closing is complete, go enjoy your new home with your family! We want to say thank you and we hope you enjoyed your time working with us.



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